Hello Everybody,

Mrs Turner and Mrs Wallwork are now hosting the Beehive page- with the help of Mrs Gul and Mrs Quarashi of course!

The Beehive Virtual Classroom is a place where the children can consolidate what they have learning in the classroom. Have a good look at some of our new activities below.

Don't forget, the Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pages still contain lots of learning activities for you too. So make sure you check those out as well as this page!

Tales Told by your Teachers

We have left our stories on as we know you enjoy listening to them, and we will add some more very soon.

The Beehive message board

* Autumn 2 *

We have returned after half term rested and ready to take on all the new learning.

The Beehive children have been focusing on the Number System and rehearsing one more and one less.

We have created 2D shape pictures and identified the properties of simple shapes within the environment.

You can contact the Beehive teachers and send us your work to the email address below:

Share a story

Each week the Beehive teachers share a story with the children . Our busy bees then complete lots of learning tasks linked to each book.

Listen to the stories again at home and see if you can have a go at some of the suggested Home Activity Ideas.

Here are a selection of books we have shared together so far.

‘Our Class is our Family’ by Shannon Olsen

The children learned that our classroom is a place where it’s safe to be themselves, it’s okay to make mistakes and it’s important to be a friend to others.

Home Activity Ideas:

  • Listen to the story again by pressing here

  • Explore some of the themes together and talk about different feelings

‘While We Can’t Hug’ by Eoin McLaughlin

This story explores the different ways we can show someone we care, whilst maintaining a social distance.

Home Activity Ideas:

  • Listen to the story by pressing here

  • Make someone smile by painting a picture and posting it

‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ by Giles Andreae

A beautiful story that explores the different ways a person can get better at doing something. The moral of the story is to keep trying.

Home Activity Ideas:

  • Listen to the story together by pressing here.

  • Talk about all the things you are good at doing?

  • What new skills do you want to learn?

  • How can you get better at something?

‘The Little Red Hen’ A Traditional Tale

A story to encourage helping others.

Home Activity Ideas:

  • Listen to the story by pressing here.

  • Can you set the table ready for a meal?

  • Can you put all the socks into pairs?

  • Can you put all the knives, forks and spoons away after washing up?

  • What can you do to help your parent / carer at home?

‘Vegetable Glue’ by Susan Chandler

A story that teaches how to have a healthy balanced diet.

Home Activity Ideas:

Email all your lovely photos / work / activities to our new email address.

English and Maths Resources


get ready for writing

To strengthen your muscles in your hands get some dough and join in with Dough Disco here.

Reading -

Lancashire library services

Library members can download books, magazines and comics for FREE to read at any time on an electronic device. All you need is your library card number and email address.

You can borrow:

  • Books and audiobooks

  • Music CDs

  • DVDs

  • Large print books

  • Children's books

  • Information books

Join the Lancashire Library Service by clicking here

Or download the BorrowBox app to access hundreds of ebooks and eAudiobooks for free.

All you need is your library card.


Online Maths games

With a parent, click on the links below to play some fun games:

Please note that Flash Player will be needed to play these games- may not work on all Apple devices.

Autumn 2

Don't forget to check out your year group pages which have lots of important information and your home-learning tasks for each half term. Each task that is set by your teacher can be differentiated for every learner. Just do your best!

The Beehive page is here to supplement those activities and give you additional ideas.

Let's Get Creative

Poppy Craft Idea:

  • Give children an empty plastic bottle and some red paint. Children to dip the bottom of the bottle into the paint and print it onto a piece of paper. Create a poppy picture, or alternatively try putting the poppies in a circle to create a poppy wreath. Children can paint the black centre of each poppy, as well as the green leaves.

Communication and Interaction

Memory Game

The activityPaper Plate Big Alphabet Memory Game by Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls

Communication and language area(s) of development: Turn-taking, social interaction, attention & listening

In a nutshell – A kingsize variation of the good old pair matching game. Take several paper plates and markers and write some letters if you want your little ones to practice literacy or draw shapes, animals and other items if it’s time to build their vocabulary.

What you need

  • A dozen paper plates

  • Marker pens

Knowledge and Understanding

Understanding of the World is about how children get to know about themselves, other people, the place where they live and about all aspects of the environment.

  • Try looking into a mirror and then drawing a self portrait. Name the features and think carefully about where you need to position everything. Send your pictures to our Beehive email address.

The Beehive File Share

Below you can see the folders where I share the materials you will need for your learning. Just open the folder and click the file you need to open & save.


Contact details

If you have any questions, please go to the year group page and use the year group e mail address.