Inclusion Class

With Mrs Johnson and Mrs Alom

Welcome Everybody!

Mrs Alom and Mrs Johnson will be overseeing the individual learning programmes for all children who were in the Inclusion Class last year. Mrs Alom may be teaching you for certain lessons.

You Virtual School page for your year group is the first place you need to look, but the Inclusion Class page will also contain home learning for you:

  • Weekly spelling lists- Mrs Alom will do a check every week

  • Reading comprehension practice sheets

  • Maths activities

Mrs Johnson and Mrs Alom

The Inclusion Class Virtual Classroom Teacher Updates

Home Learning for Autumn 2 half terM



Reading at least 4 times each week at home is still your number one priority and will continue to be all year. We know this takes up time but it's also the most important home learning activity you need to do. You have a reading book that you will bring home. It might be one you have read with Mrs Alom in class that she has sent home to help you practise your skills and develop fluency.

Parents- even though your children are getting older now, it's great for them to continue to hear YOU read. If you need any recommendations for suitable books, contact Mrs Alom / Mrs Johnson for ideas.

We like...

  • The "Mr Penguin" series by Alex T. Smith

  • The "Claude" series by Alex T Smith

  • The "Flat Stanley" series by Jeff Brown

Reading Comprehension

Look at the Space Activity cards this half term and have a go at some of these.

Weekly Spellings

You have 5 spellings to practice every week. They are the common exception words you need to spell and read. Spell checks take place each week.


beautiful after fast last past


father pass class last grass plant


bath bath hour move prove


improve sure sugar eye could


many mind even kind behind


The folder below contains Snappy Maths activities. There are some new activities here for addition and subtraction. You can use concrete apparatus to help you complete these like you do in class. We recommend pieces of pasta for this!

There is also a Snappy Maths sheet for column addition which we have been practising in class. Have a go at a few of these each week.

We will be learning more about money soon too. Have a look at Topmarks for some great games:


The Inclusion Class File Share

Below you can see the folders where we share the materials you will need for your learning. Just open the folder and click the file you need to open & save.

See the whole of a document by double clicking it to open in a new tab.



Contact Details

If you have any questions, please use your year group e mail address which can be found on the year group page.