Year 3

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With Mrs Boyle and Mrs Stansfield

Please send any home learning to the Year 3 email address here

yearthree@haslingden-pri.lancs.sch.uk see more information below.

Take a look at our class galleries below to see the amazing work completed by the children.

We have added some handwriting practise videos in our file share section below - to help your child/children practise and improve on their handwriting skills. Letter formation guidance sheets are also in the Handwriting file.

HOME LEARNING BOOKS - At the moment we are trying to minimise the amount of things the children need to bring into school. Therefore please keep the green home learning books at home and send photos of your child's/children's work to our email address.

We have displayed many pieces of completed home learning tasks on our Year 3 display in school.

Staffing in Year 3 2020-2021

Mrs Boyle3B Class Teacher
Mrs Ali3B Teaching Assistant AM
Mrs Coyle3B Teaching Assistant PM
Mrs Stansfield3S Class Teacher
Mrs Woodcock3S Teaching Assistant

Hello and welcome to our year 3 page!

Dear Year 3 children.

We are currently learning our topics for the Autumn term. The Home learning activities match what we are learning in school. Autumn 2 home learning tasks are now available (see the activities below).

This is where you will find your home learning each term. See how many different activities you can complete and I'm sure you will find many creative ways to record your ideas. We would recommend one a week but there are some activities online that you could challenge yourself to complete every day!

Make yourself familiar with our Year 3 Vschool page. If you are absent from school, you can access your learning here.

For children who are isolating at home - please complete the REMOTE HOME LEARNING activities - found in the file share section below.

We hope you have lots of fun completing the activities with the people who love and care for you.

Please continue to stay safe and follow government guidelines to help.

how to support your child/children


Home learning email address - yearthree@haslingden-pri.lancs.sch.uk

Welcome Parents/Carers,

We would like to thank you all for your effort with the smooth transition back into school after half term. The children have all settled in extremely well and it is good to see their continued enthusiasm for learning as we learn together in our bubbles.

This term we will be learning:-

Maths: Written addition and subtraction, multiplication and division.

English: Most children will be accessing English which follows on from Read Write Inc and they will be reading and writing an A to Z holiday guide . We will then be writing about the water cycle and creating shape poems about water. Some children will continue with Read Write Inc sessions and they will be continuing to learn the sounds in words using phonics, read and practise stories and answer comprehension questions about them.

Science: Rocks, soil and fossils: Learning about the three different types of rocks, the layers of soil and what fossils are. We will begin to learn about - Forces and Magnets.

Topic: The Stone Age: Learning about the past, using sources of evidence and comparing life in the Stone Age with their own life.

This page will provide you with many activities to carry out each half term and supports our learning in school. Please work with your child as it will encourage them to share their learning with you but they may also need support with some of the activities. We will provide a book for them to record their work in. Please aim to complete a minimum of 5 activities by Friday 18th December.

Please listen to your child read as often as you can, at least three times and write a comment in their Home School reading record.

We will add spellings to Spelling Shed each week and ask that you help your child to learn the words and test them at the end of each week. The list will also be in our spelling section.

We will be using TT rockstars as an enjoyable way for your child to learn their times tables. We encourage the children to spend a short amount of time every day working on their tables and the purpose is to ensure children know the age appropriate times tables. This half term we will focus on the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and begin to learn the 3 and 4 times tables. By December they should be able to answer questions such as four twos, five tens or three fives. We would like an adult to test them each week and practise saying the tables together as follows. One two is 2, two twos are 4, three twos are 6 and so on. If they know these tables well, try dividing e.g. 14÷2= They can log into TT rockstars to build up speed and improve their accuracy.

We will also be adding work to MyMaths to link to what we are doing in school. We have stuck logins into Home school diaries. Check out the new Place value tasks to complete. Start with the Y2 activities and then work through the Y3 tasks.

Numbergym (click on the- online access tab, to sign in) is another excellent online resource available to the children.

As we get to know your child better, some children may be asked to complete additional phonic worksheets, handwriting tasks or individual Maths tasks suiting their ability.

We would love to see some of the work you have been completing with your child so please email photos of their work to the year group email account yearthree@haslingden-pri.lancs.sch.uk

Our year overview curriculum map is also available in the file share section, alongside a parental maths booklets to help your child/children with our unit on place value and addition and subtraction.

From Mrs Boyle and Mrs Stansfield

English and Maths Tasks


Reading challenge.

We challenge you to continue with reading as often as you can and using it as time to relax and enjoy some of your favourite books. You could take turns reading with family members or relax as you are read a bedtime story.

You can access free ebooks from Oxford owl https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/

There are some super books to choose from and you can read them yourself or listen to them as well.

Click on My class login.

3B username:hps3b password:book

3S username:hps3s password:book

Also remember to go on Spelling Shed to keep your spelling skills tip top - there are lots of games and new spellings added. We will add new spellings each week. Have a go and check your scores regularly.

Become a poet Choose something you like doing and try to create a shape poem about it. This could be a hobby, a sport or somewhere you have visited with your family. Try to use some of the features of poetry including rhymes, repetition and alliteration. Leave this until later in the half term when we have written poems in school.

Maths - Addition, subtraction and time.


We have been adding and subtracting. Ask an adult to write some calculations for you. Remember you may have to exchange tens for ones or even hundreds for tens. Keep the numbers to 3 digit numbers. You could try 3 digit numbers and add a 1 digit number, then a 2 digit number and then a 3 digit number.

342+7= 349-1=

538+4= 532-9=

421+37= 459-21=

159+28= 134-28=

213+453= 687-321=

583+298= 472- 329=


Keep a diary for a week. Write down the activities you do in order each day and record the digital time that you start it. You could try to use the 24 hour clock or write A.M. or P.M. Write in super sentences. Remember counting in fives will help you tell the time.

Eg. Monday.

7:10A.M. I woke up, got up and put my uniform on ready for school. I couldn’t wait to start another week of learning.

Use an analogue clock to tell the time. Focus on o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. Look carefully at the minute hand and where it is for each of these times.

Also use the links below to support maths learning.

  • Log onto TTRockstars to practise your 2X, 5X and 10X tables.

  • Login to Numbergym.

    • Click on Online Access.

    • School login and password is
      haslingden / bb44bj.

  • You could try Table Trainer for the 2s,5s and 10s.

  • Bond builder is another way to improve your skills. Challenge yourself to see how far you can get.

Weekly spellings

Spelling Shed log in page -click here

Weekly spellings - Login to Spelling Shed and challenge yourself to learn some of the lists. See how many times you can change your avatar with the points you score!

Extra points may be awarded by your teachers - so keep an eye on your points and awards.

Try to learn the common exception words found in the Year 3 file share section. You could print them out and use them as flash cards.

Unit 2: Adding im- to root words

beginning with m or p

Week beginning - 16th November











If you need to take time off school

Please find our REMOTE HOME LEARNING FOLDERS - there are 2 different folders in our file share section below.

Remote Learning: Individual Isolation - is for individual children who are isolating at home.

Remote Learning: Class Closure - is for the whole class should our bubble have to close.

These plans are available to provide daily lessons and activities to keep your child/children busy.

If you have any questions about this then please email us at yearthree@haslingden-pri.lancs.sch.uk

Autumn term 2 home learning-

due in by 18th December 2020

Please send any home learning to the Year 3 email address here


Please complete a minimum of 5 tasks from the topics below by the 18th December. Use your green home learning book to record your activities. Take photos of your work and send to the email address above. Put your child's name and class as the subject to help us identify who the work is from.


Science bug

Visit www.activelearnprimary.co.uk To login you will need the following information.

Username: your first name and the initial of your surname. Do not use capital letters or spaces e.g.

Tom Jones would type tomj

Password: hps2020

Code: pprc

Click on My Stuff

Click on the test-tube icon Science.

Complete the activities about our science topic Forces and magnets. There will be videos to watch and activities to do.

Research Magnets and forces.

  • Go to the library and find a book about the magnets and forces or use the internet.

  • Write down 3 pieces of information that you find out. These questions might help you. What kinds of different forces are there? What do magnets stick to (attract)?

  • Perhaps you could go to a local park and explore different forces needed to move the equipment.


Create a Stone Age menu.

  • Design a menu that may have been eaten in Stone Age times.

  • Think about the animals that were around to be hunted, how they were cooked, foods that could be gathered or found on land or at the seashore.

  • You are trying to make the menu sound delicious! Use synonyms for the word delicious.

  • Create a poster to show your menu. Remember Stone Age people painted with clay, charcoal and even blood so pick the colours you use carefully! They used their hands or sticks to paint with.



  • When you are outside, create a piece of art from nature. Try not to pick anything from trees or bushes but look for things that are already on the ground.



  • Look for Spain on a map.

  • Which continent is it in?

  • Find out about the weather and the landscape.

  • How could we get there from Haslingden?

  • Which countries are close to Spain?

  • Which seas are next to the coastline?

  • Name some Spanish islands.

  • Are there any mountains in Spain?

Physical Education

P.E. Keep active – move more!

  • Keep active whenever you can. Go to the park to explore forces or continue to go for walks. Look for signs of autumn.

  • Take part in many keep fit channels such as

    • Just Dance

    • Kids Workout etc.

Design and Technology

Design a game!

  • Invent a tool that can move an object.

  • Which part of the tool moves the object?

  • Can you use your tool to create a game.

  • What are the rules?

  • Teach your family how to play and have fun together.



  • Music – listen and appraise.

  • Listen to lots of different pieces of music as we have in school. Find a genre of music that you like. Lyrics (words) in music are similar to poetry. Write the lyrics of your favourite song in your best handwriting. Take your time and think carefully about how to join from each letter.

  • Why do you like the song?

  • What genre of music is the song?

  • What can you hear during the song?



  • Hola! We have been learning Spanish.

  • Find out some traditional foods that Spanish people eat.

  • Follow the instructions in a recipe to cook a Spanish meal. Remember to take photos and stick them into your Home Learning book.

  • Is this the first time you have tried this type of food? What did you think? If your family shared the meal with you ask them to write a comment to give their opinion about the food.

  • Ask an adult for help when you are cooking to keep you safe.

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