Year 2

With Mrs Fowler and Mrs Taylor

Thank you to the children in 2F who enjoyed dressing in spots in school on Friday for Children In Need and also to those 2T children who took part in our fun Children In Need Zoom session on Friday. Miss Dowling and Mrs Taylor really enjoyed seeing you all joining in the games and seeing your smiles and some super dressing up.

IMPORTANT - 2T return to school on Tuesday 17th November - staff can't wait to see you all.

A massive well done and thank you to everyone who has worked hard at home! We have loved seeing your hard work and emails of pictures.

We can't wait to see what you all do this half term.

Please send children's work to the following email address

A member of the Year 2 team will reply. We will be checking this address at the beginning and end of each week.

Thank you.

Reading books

some children's reading records are such a pleasure to read through. The enjoyment and pride that children take in telling us about their reading at home is fantastic.

Please try and read at least 3 times a week. Record what you have read in your reading record book. We would also love to hear about any other books you are reading at home.

Online learning

***New work has now been added***

Everyone has now got their Spelling Shed, MyMaths and TT Rockstars log in details in their Reading Records.

Please log on using your user names and passwords and practise your weekly spellings, your times tables and your important place value skills by playing games and completing activities.


Below are links and resources to support your child over the next half term and enjoying reading, maths activities and the outdoors.


In the file share area there are some '60 second reads' in the English file. These are short pieces of text that have 4 or 5 questions with them. You can read these on screen or print them out. Please write the answers in full sentences, with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops to keep practising this very important skill.

Choose a 60 second Read that is most like your reading book level.

There is also a lovely poster about reading with your child with some questions you could ask as you read.


This half term in Maths we will be looking Addition and Subtraction and Money.

Addition and Subtraction - In the shared file you will find a booklet called "Addition and Subtraction" and "Number Bond Challenge" booklet. Try and do one page a week of both.

Money - Ask an adult if you can look in their purse or money bank.

Can you recognise the coin?

How many are there?


In Science we will be covering the topic of what humans and animals need to survive.

Read the PowerPoint "Basic needs" then complete the "what animals need" sheet both are in the shared file below.


In History we will be learning about famuos people.

Choose a famous person and research them.

Present this in any way that you like. Some ideas from previous years are:-



Recipe books

Writing out famous song lyrics or tryingto recreate a famous work of art.

Writing a diary as that person

Creating a model - such as when learning about Neil Armstrong someone created their own moon and another person created a salt dough footprint.

Please take photos and send them in so we can see your creativity

Suggested reading list for Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl

You can continue to access the Oxford Owl website and read e books.

If you have not logged on before follow these steps to access lots of ebooks.

Go to 'Oxford Owl for Home'

Go to Browse eBooks

Click on 'My class login'


Username hps2t20 OR hps2f20

Password read

You can access some great books on here, including now some RWInc story books.

Let's Get Creative

Draw With Rob on has great drawing tutorials - you can draw flamingos, turtles, giraffes, lions and racing cars.

In art this half term we are looking at our skills of drawing and shading. At home practice your drawing skills by finding objects to draw e.g. a vase of flowers

Let's Get Active

Have some fun with your family and play some games inside and outside.

Scavenger hunts - You can take your hunt outside and look for items in nature.

Sardines - This game is essentially a reverse version of hide-and-go-seek.

How to Play

One person who is "it" hides and everyone else looks for him.

Each player that finds "it" joins him or her in the hiding place.

As the players find "it," one by one, they all crowd into the hiding place and end up packed together like sardines in a can (hence the name of the game). The last person to find the hiding place is the next one to be "it."

Family fun and Wellbeing

In school we have been working on Mindfulness and activities that keep us calm. Try some with your family at home.

The Squish and Relax activity – whilst the children are lying down with their eyes closed, ask them to squish and squeeze every muscle in their bodies as tight as they can. Ask them to start with their toes and feet, squish the muscles in their legs, squeeze their stomachs, then their hands into fists and raise their shoulders up to their heads. Ask them to hold themselves squished up for a few seconds and then fully release and relax.

The Mindful jar – this activity can teach children how strong emotions can take over and how to calm down when these emotions happen. We should put a big spoonful of glitter glue into a clear jar and fill it almost to the top with water. We then put the lid back on and shake it to make the glitter swirl. We then tell the children that the glitter is like their thoughts when they’re upset or angry and they can see how when it is whirling around it makes it hard to see clearly. And that’s why we make silly decisions when we’re upset and this happens to all of us. We then put the jar down in front of them and ask them to watch what happens when they’re still for a little while – the glitter starts to settle and the water clears. We then tell them that their mind works the same – when they’re calm for a few moments, their thoughts will settle and they will see clearer.

Year 2 Remote Learning: individual isolation

This area of VSchool applies to pupils who are absent from school because they are awaiting test results. They will need to access home learning during this time.

The 10 day plan and all resources needed are in the file share area below in a file called 'Remote Home Learning: Awaiting Test Results'

The plan is a Word document that gives video links and activities for daily Maths and English lessons and one other subject each day. The activities are planned to recap on learning from Year 1 or things we have done already this year in Year 2.

There are worksheets which can be printed off or viewed and copied onto paper. There are some ideas for alternative activities for some lessons as well.

If you cannot access the Internet or any of the resources please contact school on or if you have any other concerns please contact using

Year 2 Remote Learning Plan: class closure

This area applies to pupils who are absent from school because their class has been ordered to self-isolate by Public Health England due to a positive case being confirmed. This section of the Vschool will be populated by the teachers on a daily basis if this occurs.

***************UPDATED WEDNESDAY 11TH NOVEMBER*********************

We are looking forward to seeing lots of you on our Zoom session on Friday morning where we will be enjoying some Children In Need activities and a scavenger hunt. There are lots of activities that you can do in the file share area below and some information presentations as well. Here is a link to a tutorial of how to draw Pudsey and Blossom .

There is a file in the file share section below with a 14 day plan in it. This has daily Maths and English activities in it and also this week has a Handwriting and Music focus.

As the children know my favourite time of the day is story time. I hope that you manage to keep a story time in your day. We look at books, we make predictions about what they might be about, we talk about any other books that the story or fact books remind us of, we explore interesting and tricky words - checking that we know what they mean and we ask and answer questions about what is happening in the book. We also take great enjoyment in reading and listening to the story. Any kind of reading is great - books, magazines, comics, instructions for a game, online books

There are daily phonics videos for Speed Sounds - it is very important that children access these and join in with them every day as they are vital in building up their own confidence and fluency for reading.

The Remembrance activities are still in the file share area.

Please remember to contact us on with any questions or with work for us to see.

Thank you,

We all hope that you are all safe and well . Enjoy this video of Paper Dolls read by Miss Dowling.

Thank you so much for the lovely photos that people have sent into our email address. Enjoy a sample of this wonderful work below. we look forward to seeing even more work next half term.

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