Year 6

With Mrs Harcombe and Mr Langan

Year 6

Please continue to make yourself familiar with this website as we will be using this platform on many occasions throughout the school year.

Mrs Harcombe & Mr Langan


Please keep up to date with the weekly arithmetic tasks and remember to bring your completed papers in for marking (each Friday).

You will find photos of our 'Outward Bound Activity Week' have been added to the 'File Share' section at the bottom of this page. These will be archived after the Christmas break.

Home Learning Autumn Term 2

(Set Thursday 22nd October 2020 - Due Friday 11th December 2020)

Activity Bank for Autumn Term 2

Please complete 4 or more activities from the bank of 6 options below. The tasks with an * must be completed, plus any two other options.

Home Learning Journal: Stick, write or draw anything into your Home Learning Journal to show what you have been doing. Ask yourself - does my Home Learning evidence reflect the fact that I am now in Year 6? If you would prefer to email you work to staff, please send it (using a parent or carer's email address) to so that it can be directed to your class teacher.


Linked to our topic of ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ can you answer any of the following questions?

Why do living things evolve? How are plants and animals suited to their environments? How do living things evolve (need to mention adaptation)?


*Read the KS2 Grammar Glossary terminology and their definitions.

Can you think of one more example to match with each definition and add it to the photocopied sheet?


*Complete a 21-question arithmetic task each week for the next 4 weeks.

This will be sent home each Friday and returned for marking the next Friday.


To help improve your physical fitness, can you do a mile a week with your family (running or walking) and then record your times in a table or graph with an accompanying explanation of your results?

Remember how easy this can be using Excel spreadsheets on the computer.


We have continued to study the Ancient Egypt.

Please find out about 10 - 20 of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and create your own set of Top Trump cards, each containing a minimum of 4 facts that can be used to play the game properly.

Rube Goldberg

Can you plan and create a Rube Goldberg machine?

Draw a design, build the machine and make your predictions about how many attempts it will take to work. Record your results in either a table, photographs or a film clip. (We looked at these in our PSHE lessons last term so you should have some good ideas).

Other essential Home Learning

  • You MUST read for 15 mins every day. An adult MUST write in your Reading Record once a week. (You will be rewarded with dojo points)

  • To learn your 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, 11x, 12x tables both in terms of multiplying and dividing. This will also link with x60, x70, x80 and x90.

  • Continue to practice the ‘Young Voices 2021’ lyrics and dance moves.

  • Revise your weekly spelling lists using Spelling Shed. We have uploaded lists 1a - 6b online so they are ready for you to use.

Note to Parents:

Please support your child in completing at least 4 activities this half term. Feel free to write in the journal too, if you would like to leave comments. Return the Home Learning Journal no later than Friday 11th December 2020. On this day we will be engaging in “Show and Share” in school and feedback will be sent home at this point too. Thank you for your support. Please refer to our School Home Learning Policy on our website for further information.

Remote Learning: Individual Isolation

Ongoing English and Maths Tasks for those individuals who are required to work from home for a short period of time. (Individual cases, not whole class 'bubbles')


Should you be required to work from home (on an individual basis, not as a whole class) then you can log on to the daily activities that can be found on

  • Read the story starter (you do not need to write what happens next)

  • Answer the 'Question Time' comprehension task in your own Home Learning book.

  • The 'Sentence Challenge' and 'Sick Sentences' can also be completed in your Home Learning book.

  • Finish by completing the 'Perfect Picture' task and send a copy of this to the Y6 Home Learning account so your teacher can see what you have achieved.

Don't forget to regularly log on to to rehearse those tricky words. Units 1a - 4b have been uploaded to assist you.

And ... make sure that you 'keep reading' for 15 minutes per day to build up your stamina!

The activities listed above will take a minimum of 1 hour of your day.


In class you will have been following the White Rose Maths PowerPoints and questions. Go to the 'File Share' section and open up 'Maths'.

Identify the next lesson in the sequence and follow the PowerPoint carefully, before attempting the questions. Make sure you show all relevant working out in your Home Learning book. This should take you a minimum of 45 minutes to complete.

Then, log onto TT Rock Stars and use Garage mode to show how you have been keeping up your fluency and accuracy of arithmetic skills. If you have completed Garage (level 420) then please move onto Studio to improve your rock speed.

Remote Learning: Class Closure

If a whole class 'bubble' has to isolate for a 10 -14 day period then the work that pupils are asked to complete will be posted here with the relevant instructions.

Outward Bound Activity Week

Monday 9th November - Friday 13th November 2020

The Year 6 Staff Team would like to say a huge 'well done and thank you' to the children in 6H and 6L, who have completed a week of outdoor and adventurous activities in and around the Rossendale Valley. They have been a credit to you as parents/carers and have represented Haslingden Primary School brilliantly, whilst being out and about in the local community. It may not have been the Residential Week in Wales that they had hoped for, but they have still managed to learn a lot about themselves and their classmates whilst completing a whole host of challenges. These skills will be put to good use, as they complete the remainder of Year 6 and prepare themselves for their High School adventures.

Young Voices 2021

Haslingden Primary School has been attending Young Voices concerts at the Manchester Arena for the last 7 years, and we HOPE that next year will not be an exception. Therefore, we would love it if you would listen to some of the songs that we will be learning during the Autumn Term. You may have heard some of them before and others may be completely new to you. Enjoy!

You will find the songs and lyrics contained in the 'Share File' section at the very bottom of this page. Open the folder called 'Young Voices'.

You can also find the songs on their Spotify Playlist: Young Voices UK Celebrating 25 Years by The Young Voices Choir or you can check out their webpage (the password is YV2021) at

Year 6 Gallery of Work

Year 6 have been studying the artist Pablo Picasso ...

... they looked specifically at the painting of the 'Weeping Woman' ...

... next they created their own versions, using a partner as a muse.

Picasso used vibrant colours and unusual perspectives to create his artwork - so did we!

Niyah's newspaper sold a record number of copies!

Jumainah has produced some great work on 'Human Spiderman', Alain Robert.

Amelia showed off her computing skills to create her article.

Kiera's live commentary piece about a daredevil record attempt.

Harry provided an very detailed restaurant review.

Ana-Maria taught me how to play tug-of-war with this comprehensive guide.

Areeb has been typing his work this week - this one was a live commentary.

Sahibah produced a very professional-looking article on a French daredevil.

***File Share***

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Just open the folder and click the file you need to open & save.

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