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Welcome to our Year 1 Message Board - the teachers will post updates here about learning taking place in school and other key messages. Check back regularly to keep to up date with Year 1.

4/11/20 - The home learning tasks have been updated below and more tasks will continue to appear over the coming weeks to reflect the learning the children have been completing in class. Please remember to send in any tasks into the email account at the top of the page.

Home Reading - Please continue to read to your child a few minutes each night. If your sign their purple Home Learning Journal to say they have read they get extra points for their teams in class. Remember, having a bedtime story read to them also counts so remember to note it down.

online learning activities:

online books

With a parent, go to Oxford Owl and click My Class Login at the top.

Log in using these details:

Class 1T Username: hps1t - Password: book

Class 1U Username: hps1u - Password: book

You have free choice over all the books. Remember, if the book is too easy you may want to pick a different one. In school we read the same book a few times to develop fluency (where children can read a book with good pace). Can your parent/carer ask you questions about the story?

Online maths Games

With a parent, click on the links below to play some fun games:

Online reading Games

With a parent, click on the links below to play some fun games:

Autumn term home learning tasks

The Gunpowder Plot

Remember, remember the 5th of November

Read the story of the Gunpowder Plot in the FileShare section.

Can you retell the story to your parent/carer?

Can you rewrite parts of the story using the Gunpowder Plot Storyline sheet?

Guy Fawkes

Oh no . . . Guy Fawkes has escaped!

Imagine Guy Fawkes escpaed from prison and the King wants him back. Find the Wanted Poster in the File Share section and write some sentences to describe what he looks like and what he did.

Examples: Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the King. He has a red hat and a black beard.

Addition Fact Families

The children have done so well with this in class!

A fact family is writing one calculation 4 different ways.

4 + 3 = 7
3 + 4 = 7
7 = 4 + 3
7 = 3 + 4

Find the Fact Family Sheet in the File Share

Sparks in the Sky

A story perfect around Bonfire Night

Read the story Sparks in the Sky and then write a poem about what Bo, the character, could see, hear, smell, taste and touch whilst at the bonfire display.

Autumn poem

Enjoy an Autumn walk with your family!

Along the way use your senses to think about what you can see, hear, smell, touch and taste

Can you use the words in the word bank to help you create a poen or think of your own amazing words to add.

We look forward to reading these in class.

Rangoli Patterns

The celebration of Diwali

During Autumn time some people celebrate the festival of light known as Diwali.

Have a go at colouring one of these rangoli patterns using lots of bright , bold colours!

You may like to create your own Rangoli pattern for us all to admire.

Ordering Numbers to 20

Cutting and Sticking time!

We have started to look at and use numbers beyond 10 .

Use the sheet to create a number line from 11 to 20 (remember to count as you go!)

Within the shared file section there is a similar sheet from 1-10 if you prefer to start at that point.

Remote Learning: Individual Isolation

This area of VSchool applies to pupils who are absent from school because they are awaiting test results. They will need to access home learning during this time. A 10 day plan is available on the VSchool.

Remote Learning: Awaiting Test Results

Visit this link to find a 10 day plan which your child can access and complete whilst isolating at home. Continuing to learn from home will support both their education and routines. If your child is unwell and unable to learn, plenty of bedtime stories would be excellent learning for them.

Remote Learning: Class Closure

This area applies to pupils who are absent from school because their class has been ordered to self-isolate by Public Health England due to a positive case being confirmed. This section of the Vschool will be populated by the teachers on a daily basis.

You can contact the teachers directly at:

** This area only becomes activated if your child's class has been ordered to isolate **

Year 1 File Share

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