Reception New Starters 2024

2024 Pre-school dates for your diary...

Welcome Everybody!

Hello to everyone joining Reception in September 2024 and welcome to our virtual classroom.  

Here you will find two sections one for the children and one for the grown-ups. 

Children's Zone:

Parent's Corner:

Information section:

We hope you have a wonderful summer and we are looking forward to seeing you all in September.  

children's Zone

Story time

Click here to pick the story you would like to listen to.

Let's get ready for school

Let's Get Talking


Have a go at these great activities from LPDS to promote communication and language skills.

Let's have fun with sounds

Watch the Alphablocks have fun with sounds.  Click here

Have a look at the RWI letter formation sheet in File share section below.  You will find it in the 'Let's get ready for school' folder.  Can you use these to form the letters in your name?

Let's form our numbers

number formation rhymes.pdf

Learn how to write your numbers with our number rhymes. 

Let's Count

Have fun with your numbers.  Watch Numberblocks here

Let's Sing

Sing along with these nursery rhymes here

Let's Play

Click here for online learning games

Parents' Corner 

Information for new starters

The PowerPoint presentation for New Parents/Carers information evening, held on Monday 10th June will be uploaded here, after the event.

what our parents and children think...

Here are the views of some of our parents and children.

Information Folders - In the File Share below you will find...

Folder 1 - 'Activities in preparation for school' 

Folder 2 - 'Let's Get Ready for School' 

Folder 3 - 'School information' 

File Share - Information folders...

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If you have any questions, please email us on this address 😀